What is a Home Study

Picture of woman sitting on bench studying

A home study is a legal document that is prepared by a licensed child-placing agency to approve an individual or couple to be able to adopt the child or children of their choice. The agency worker meets with the individual or couple several times, including, at least, one visit to their home. Many documents are gathered, including birth certificates, marriage license and divorce decrees (if applicable), physicals, financial information, and police clearances. After all of the information is gathered, the document is compiled. It may be approximately 8-9 pages long. The agency then sees to it that the home study gets to the proper court for filing with the adoption papers. In a domestic adoption, the home study is current for 12 months. At that time, it will need to be updated to keep it current.

There are many people who make great adoptive parents. This agency does not have any age limits, any financial limits, or any housing limits nor does it discriminate on the basis of age, sex, race, or national origin. However, the decision to approve a family comes from their sincere desire and ability to be able to safely and appropriately parent a child.